Friday, March 25, 2016

Beware of quacks

     How often I have come across this from doctors and healers that we can get her hearing back. They have their ways of convincing you and soon you are feeding out of their hands. Let me tell you, it's not possible!! Something that isn't there cannot just grow on its own. The hair cell not being present, cochlea missing or auditory nerve damaged cannot just grow out of the blue. The only miracle cure I wait for is stem cells which is in the future still. 
     A case came to Alaka ma'am. The parents came with their toddler for therapy. Having put hearing aids and started with training life seemed positive. They soon came across a homeopathy doctor who claimed to get the hearing back. He portrayed hearing aids as a deterant in getting it back hence they were taken off. But since they were convinced about therapy they continued to come to ma'am and put those hearing aids only for those hours with her. In 6 months there was no improvement and infact whatever good was happening just stopped. The child stopped growing in hearing and speech. They soon broke the story to Alaka ma'am. They realized the mistake and started working on it again with her. But the fact remains that those precious 6 months of her language learning were gone for good ! The first 5 years are so vital in learning language of a child. They have to be worked on. 
     Please do not believe anyone just like that. What's not there cannot just grow again. That ways the medicine can grow hands and feet but it isn't. Homeopathy and other alternative medicines work to get good health but we must be realistic about it. Do not just believe anyone. 

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