Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A preteen to be tested for hearing loss

    They say... Touch one life at a time and make a difference however small. Help someone, change a life however difficult it might be. That's what I am trying today. 
    12 year old had speech issues. A doctor grandma, an involved mother yet they couldn't figure out why the little girl cannot speak well and looks at the face. They felt the child didn't care and ignores what they speak. Not realizing the child isn't hearing!
    Grandma heard me and asked for help. Met the mother and gave her all the signs of deafness which she confirmed now with testing. Influencing a preteen won't be easy. Suddenly to ask her to wear hearing aids will be a challenge of sorts. It's taken me 4 months to get them here and hoping today would be a day when I can assure the child that nothing is lost. Having mild to moderate hearing loss, she speaks broken English , misses out conversation and has plenty of issues. My heart reaches out, skips a beat and can't wait to see one Chinese child fitted into the hearing world.

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