Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The other world

Y'day and today were quite eventful and thought provoking for me.The leading audiologist had provoked ma'm and I could not do a thing except feel hurt too.I wish sometimes I too had a hearing services centre were I could give quality services at affordable and coustmised requirement.The mother had gone to her to say that the hearing aids [BTE] were not helping as they did not amplify sound to her son's requirement.The question is after doing the test how was the child prescribed wrong aids?Then when she saw that the child has on him the pocket model precribed by ma'm she said to her....if after paying you want to be shouted at , go to Alaka tai.It hurt all of us.By having the best aids and getting wrong speech therapy she too is doing wrong.I wish the mother hadthe guts to speak back.But I did learnt never to trust anybody and to do all your homework.You are your child's only true support ,everyone else is there to earn at your cost.

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