Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A touch of stardom

This 27th Oct was very exciting for me.I got a call from a women's magazine as they liked the article I sent to them about my journey with my daughter.They did a photoshoot at my place.I was so overwhelmed.I rushed to put my wordrobe ready according to what they wanted.They were 8 of them- a makeup artist, a hairdresser, photographer and the local edition editor and others.I felt like a star as they put the make up and clothes and hair for shoot.Both of us posed around and it was quite an experience.I looked so different.It was like being myself 15 yrs back when dressing up was a second nature to me.After marriage and kids I had lost myself somewhere and last 3 years specially had taken a toll on me.I really hope I am able to at least reach out to some people and help out.Thanks to my little girl I am learning to come around and I have a purpose.

I had gone for her school PTA and the teachers complimented me on the job I was doing.She was nervous when she realised a deaf child was in her class.But she feels she has no problem with her and she answers everything and does not feel there is any problem. The 3 years that I put in have made her integration in school easy.

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