Monday, October 1, 2007

Seminar on speech development

Yesterday I was invited by Ma'm to be a part of seminar which focused on training teachers in speech therepy for the deaf.She was invited by a senior doctor who runs an institute for this purpose.The doctor did not seem pleased to see us mothers.Ma'm tried to put forward the point that instead of training new girls who are just out of college and who have not much feel for the field, have a training course for the mothers who have successfully raised impaired children and who feel for the cause.This was met with a lot of resistance from the teachers and the doctors.They were more there not for the cause but for the publicity.It is sad that genuine effort is not appreciated by the world.We mothers trained under ma'm all feel for these children and we are like unpolished diamonds.Just a degree would help us practice and give speech to so many children .None of the people had the personality nor the inclination for the cause I feel.There was another topic of discussion which we decided not to attend.The topic was...Psycological and behavioural problems in the deaf.It is ironical but are hearing impaired children any different from normal children in this context?Trained under Alaka teacher I have never felt any difference between both my kids.I have learnt to deal with both in the same way.The whole seminar was so disappointing.None could show the results..that is , children talking.The proof of the cake is in its eating.If you want any of such seminars to be success, show your results. At most of these meeting they never have any hearing impaired children who are talking.Those children bring hope and encouragement and example to new parents with deaf children and to teachers they are models of what can be achieved with good speech therepy and hard work.If the children are not talking it is the failure of the teachers.I wish this could be high lighted.

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  1. Hi Arjee,

    Whoever you are are doing a great job. I fell upon your blog by chance and have been following it. I also know some adults who have are hearing impaired and are now leading a normal life.
    Keep going lady. God bless you for the good work