Wednesday, October 17, 2007

People are indifferent

I met a principal of a school y'day who had a hearing impaired child in her school.She had come for help in ma'm's class.The stories she told us were sad.The child was 7 yrs old and could not speak and understand anything.The remidial teacher had no idea what and how to teach her.The mother had a son recently and so she has out of frustration left the child a bit neglected.The girl is bright and wanting to learn but her speech therapist is not good, hearing aids are not looked after, sometimes she is in school with or without aids, weak batteries and nowhere was there any hope.The principal is helpless.We felt miserable.3 in 1000 children are deaf, dont we need to do something?They called the leading audiologist who after observing her in a class said she needed to learn sign language.Sign language , for God's sake ,is slowly fading out with better hearind aids and awareness.And if the child is going to be in a normal school are the teachers ,principal,maids,parents and friends going to learn it too if we are talking of 'integrating 'the child in a normal atmosphere?Where is the world going.With so much progress are we still living in ancient ages as far as deafness is concerned?Why can't we as society take it as a challenge to give that basic need of speech and language to each child?Do we need to make our fortune from their misfortune ?I wish there were answers to each of their prayers.

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