Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My brush with stardom

One of the most exciting week was the xmas week.Two big moments- one my little girl got admission in a normal school on her own merit.It was a very emotional moment to think that it was not because of sibling preference she got into school but because they found her capable .I was so ectasic.I got a lot of compliments as well as congrats and I found the last 3 years of struggle paying me back.My lil girl made me proud.I felt it was my big exam result.The interview had gone very well and we had got a lot of aplauding from the school.I was 90 % sure that we would get through but the moment I got the big result on the computer i rubbed my eyes and checked it at least 5 times.I hugged her tight as it was she whoi was giving me that moment of pride.
2nd big thing was we got featured in the magazine called" Femina".We had full 3 pages to ourselves.The pictures came well and everybody has been congratulating me on them and the write up.Some felt touched, some had tears, some happy ,some felt it coming from the heart but everyone appreciated the fact that I wanted to share my story with the world to show how hearing impairment does not stop your life.The way it has been featured is good as the pictures show us so happy with life and the story was so touching.A total contrast.I am thankful to God and my little girl for showing me this day.I cannot thank Him for showing me a way in life that led to Mrs. Alaka Hudlikar who has made it possible for her to talk.Today i feel so much confidance in myself that I had lost over the years after my marriage.She has made it possible to help me believe in myself and to say YES to life.I have become a better person thanks to the 2 women in my life - my girl and my teacher.I pray that every hearing impaired child gets a teacher like her.The year has ended in some very proud moments.


  1. Congratulations Arjee,

    Keep up the good work and enjoy the sweet results of the sweat put in by you in the last three years.

  2. WOW! Congratulations, expect big things for you, big things for you all! Keep up the positive work.

  3. Your hardwork paid off- the article is inspirational.
    All four of you look great and so full of spirit to combat any adversity.You inspire hope !Congratulations.I found the copy in Singapore.