Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A tribute

Today my teacher Mrs.Hudlikar said that many of her old friends and relatives called her up to tell her about the article in 'Femina'.They said that after reading the article they understood the kind of job she did.......finally after all these years!Last 40 years she has been practicing speech therapy and it is now they understood.I think it came at the right time, A hindi movie called 'Taare zameen pe' meaning 'stars on earth' has just got released.It is about a dyslexic child and the teacher.Having Aamir Khan- a perfectionist doing it , it would be very close to reality.These 2 things together may change a few people's perception about a condition in children.I was so happy to hear that she was happy the way I wrote it , simple language and coming straight from the heart.People called up to say how they liked it and that made me happy.I am sure people who have read it and have hearing impaired kids will connect to it, as it is a national magazine and that too popular one it will reach out.
These days I feel Prisha is a bit lazy and does not want to speak full sentences.I too sometimes loose it and feel a bit too tired doing it for 3 years now.But it is a phase all mom go through with hearing impaired children.They are scared to let go of their speech practice as the kids regress very quickly.I have realised I need to keep pace constantly for her to progress.I too am human and being a mom and seeing the kid struggle to put a full sentence makes me work harder.I really pray for the science to emerge much ahead in stem cell so there would not be any deaf child in the world.Amen to that

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  1. A big hug for all your marvellous efforts !
    I understand how tiring it can be.
    Here is a suggestion for days when you feel drained and yet Prisha needs to hear full sentences...and also the context to say those full sentences... create small books with her own digital pictures and describe what she is doing underneath in clear handwriting or print ... e.g Prisha is brushing her teeth with her yellow toothbrush...Prisha is wearing her pink shoes...Prisha is putting her colour pencils in the pencil box....Prisha is thinking what to do next ...Prisha is talking to daddy on the telephone... and each book can have 6 to 8 pictures.
    Knowing children love to see themselves and talk about what they are doing.... someone else in the family can take over your role and hold an interesting and fun session with Prisha while you take some time off to re energise your self ! I pray it works for you !