Monday, January 28, 2008

Tantrum control

Thank God, today I realised that by not giving in to her tantrum in class that day she has understood FOR NOW, that mom is not giving in to her without a reason.It was very tempting for me that day to actually accept her illogical demand where I knew what she wanted was wrong, and to have my peace of mind by giving in.At least I would not have a high blood pressure, a headache and the frustration.By not giving in that day and by showing her that I was not affected by her crying ,a point has been put across .It is in the long run for her benefit.For the momentary peace ,a wrong input was not encouraged.This morning I saw another tantrum coming, and I nipped it by warning her that I DON'T WANT ANOTHER TANTRUM.We spoke sitting across and it died a natural death.
I feel that this has to be instilled right from the birth of the child.The child needs constant attention and soon the child realises that all my moods affect people around me and specially my mom.So to get attention he starts to ,in his own little ways, get the situation under his control.In a typical scene at home,I noticed the moment I am on the phone or talking with the neighbour or am in a public place the child would ask for a thing which normally a mom would say no to.A bit of whining and mom givings in and a wrong message has been instilled and encouraged.I as a mom will have to sit and understand that the demand is ok to go with, or it is something you would not want to give in to.If you find the demand is something that is not be fulfilled then at no cost should we give in.By being firm on it ,after explaining the reason for it, we have driven a point in.If the child still insists a bit of tantrum would come in but we should not budge and still be firm on the decision.The reason has to be given, maintain your cool and by not loosing your head the child would after all the crying, would stop.It is important that when the child comes around ,do not melt till he has understood the reason for your denial and apologised.I remind her of the tantrum and that I am not giving in when the next one comes.I have realised I have sat down with my older son as a kid when we had an issue.I used a lot of words and explained sitting across.As a result he learnt to listen to my logic and is more receptive.We need to spend a lot of energy and our vocal chords from the beginning so the child is clear from the beginning.We tend to confuse the child by giving in sometimes at a wrong thing and sometimes being adamant.We have to consistent , for that a lot of patience is required but motherhood is not easy.We have a child's development in our hands.

Also with hearing impaired children people have this"o ,the poor child" syndrome.THE CHILD IS NOT SICK.we are pampering him.We tend to do everything for him.The family too also tends to have this poor thing attitude.Do not allow it.The deaf child learns to use it his advantage, in school, home and all places.They have to be given that much language .I see it as a speech therapy session.I by using the language ,intonation and expression am able to get across a hearing impaired child.We feel it is difficult and straining to speak to a deaf child and so let go off the tantrum.I remember one thing ....After she wears hearing aids , SHE IS NOT DEAF.She like any normal child and so it becomes easy to talk to her and give her the language.The bottomline is -Do not confuse the child , be consistent.

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