Friday, January 18, 2008

twist the question

Last class ma'am put forth a very important aspect of teaching children.When we teach children or in school teachers would question the child which is most predictable to a child eg.Name 5 flowers or name a few animals or name the beings which have tails etc.The child has over the years memorized the answers and know the pattern of the question and know the sequence of answers.The way to know the extent of the child's understanding is to question with a twist.Eg.What are bull, tiger,giraffe and elephant.Or jasmine, rose, daisies- what are these?Mostly the child would go blank.It is important the learns to understand that everything belongs to a class.He should understand the class name.We can classify everything into different class names be it furniture, food, building, direction,etc.It helps to simplify.One may not know a certain object but if I specify the class name it helps to understand to an extent.Eg.a child may not understand dinosaurs , but the moment I say it is an animal and not a flower the search is easier.So it is very important to teach the child class name and to question the child with a twist.


  1. Makes a lot of sense. Would go a long way in sharpening the child's mind.