Friday, February 1, 2008

Speech practice

Last lecture was very interesting in Mrs. Alaka Hudlikar's class.Two very important things were taught.I need to do it everyday.
1.Echo Stage of child to be followed.It means that the child just repeats ANYTHING he hears.A normal baby too does this, without understanding a thing he just speaks back what he hears.This is called ECHO.For a hearing impaired child this should be done from the very beginning.The moment the hearing aids are on ,ask him to just only through listening repeat what he hears.Even if the sentance or the chatter does not make sense or it is any gibberish like....alu billu tillu, cow was jumping on the moon or bang bang here goes the gong.It is fun exercise for them and the child learns to just depend on hearing and speech practice is done.I love doing it with Prisha as we go around doing things.It is funny and my AVT practice is done!
2.To take a step forward in this is to sit the child next to you so that he does not look at you and only LISTENS.He should not lip read.Then read an age appropriate story book, breaking the sentences as required and asking him to repeat what he hears.Follow the sentance with your finger and let the child follow it.It helps the child to inculcate reading habit and another speech and listening skill lesson is done.


  1. A very effective way to not only teach special children but also regular kids going to school.You can even ask questions immediately after reading a line.It helps in comprehension n framing sentences on their own even if they r broken sentences not making sense.It at least instils confidence n have a grip on them and hold their attension for longer.

  2. Hi Happy mother Happy Child! Hey you seem to have miraculously gotten over the tantrum phase ! You sound very RELAXED ! The more you enjoy the communication the less stressful it would be for her and yourself to help her achieve competencies.
    In my experience such happy moments work as antidote to frustrations, tensions and ultimately tantrums !

    They say No learning without Joy!

    Wishing you from Singapore heaps of joyful communication with your amazingly wonderful daughter. Wish you could put some of the teacher's video session on the You Tube! Visuals are very powerful means to communicate what you are successfully trying to do in your authentic blogs.
    I feel relaxed reading your blog day- I feel a child's inner needs are being listened to! A vital key to a happy learner !