Saturday, February 9, 2008

Use of new words

I have noticed with my hearing impaired daughter, once the child learns a bit of language and understands the spoken language , we tend to start to rest and take life a bit easy.We use the limited words and sentences the child understands and are afraid to use new words.The child is capable of picking up at least 10 new words every day if we make that attempt.If not 10 at least 5 new words would make a huge differance in her.To make our life easy we tend to not use new words.It is a task to explain new words and use in context with a hearing impairedchild.Meaning ,articulation,breaking the word,using it in a age appropriate sentance is required to make her understand.She has to be corrected.All this makes a parent of the hearing impaired child's parent postpone or refrain from using new words.A speech therapist can give you guidelines but can not give daily feed of the language to the child.
In mrs. Alaka Hudlikar's class I noticed it.She pointed to a bowl of fruit and then to few slices of the fruit.When asked to older children about what they were, none could answer.The word "slices" was not known to them as the parents never used it in their day to day life.I for that matter to would pass it off as pieces of fruit as Prisha understands pieces well.We tend to use wrong or rather inappropriate words.I ,for eg, use "get up" for" wakeup"or "dropped water "for "spilling water".All these are small egs and we need to just get conscious.Once we are we would at least make that effort to use new words.

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