Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some language lessons

Today Mrs. Alaka Hudlikar had focused on the use of proper words and sentences in the speech therapy classes.It was surprising how many mistakes we make in our daily life .
Like the use of shapes.Shape is an adjective.It does not occur by itself.Something has to be square/rectangle etc.By itself there is no just triangle.IN school the teacher uses the sentence...color the triangles.Instead we need to say...." color the shape triangle".The child would other wise use the shape as a noun.Eg. in the class when the child was asked, pointed at a oval shaped petal, as to what it was , she replied .."it is oval".The correct answer would be.."this is oval shaped petal".
The activity that we were told to do was to ask the child the following ques.
"look for things that are round in this room."
The result is the hearing impaired child brushes up her nouns and the shapes as well.I came to know that Prisha had forgotten or did not know so many things in the home that were round and that they had a name.We take it for granted that the hearing impaired child would learn.She will learn only when we bring it to her notice and keep revising it. The same goes with color and numbers.These 2 are also adjectives.The hearing child would with time self correct.With a hearing impaired child we need to correct it for her.Colour does not exsist by itself.Something has to blue and red etc.Always say show me red colour things around.Say red crayon or blue umbrella etc.
I am surprised till now how we took all this for granted.I feel I too am learning my english language classes with all new meaning to it.As a child it was just another subject and lesson, now thanks to my hearing impaired daughter and Mrs. Hudlikar , english speech therapy classes are having more enjoyment and deeper understanding.

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