Friday, February 29, 2008


Today was an interesting lesson with Mrs. Alaka Hudlikar.It was about homes of living things.It is surprising how in school , year after year people just learn mugged up answers and a bit of a specific question is asked and the child goes out of gear.Ma'am asked " where do the fish live". A normal answer went like..Pond.She said it was wrong .I too looked a bit puzzled.After a lot of cross questioning a very simple answer"water"came up.She went on to all types of water that we find fish in -sea, pond, lakes, river, aquarium, fish bowl.....where ever there is water .Normally we do this matching, rabbit-burrow. etc.We need to lead the child to the correct answer.She told us about the birds living in nests, the types of nest.She even had a nest of a tailor bird saved from her garden and she demonstrated how the tailor bird came and made it.The kids were fasicnated.I love the way speaks as it is exciting the way builds the whole experience into a movie only through language and the things she has around her.She is an artist no doubt about it.

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