Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The need to be heard

Today at Mrs.Alaka Hudlikar's home a lady had come with her 22 yr old son who was hearing impaired.The mom looked hopeful towards maa'am's classes.When ma'am asked the young man a few things ,he seemed to have good command over language.Looked like the mom had not got into wrong therapy ,as mostly most moms at ma'am's classes I have seen have gone through wrong therapy, she did a decent job with language development and dealt well with his deafness.Problem was his dependance on lip movements of the speaker and clarity of speech.The mom said he was too conscious of his voice.Lets see how ma'am deals with an adult.
Also today a mom complained that a new battery pack of hearing aids had 2 dead cells and one was bigger than the normal size.Was the hearing aid cells packet not supposed to be sealed?Is someone cheating the already troubled parents or is it the carelessness of the hearing aid centre.I would advise parents to check the seals of the packet along with the date of manufacture and expiry.I asked the mom to immediately return the packet to the hearind aid centre.

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